Schminke House, Germany

This beautiful creature is the Schminke House, in Loebau, nestled in the corner of Saxony near the Polish border.  It was created in 1933 by seminal German architect Hans Scharoun also responsible for iconic structures like the Philharmonie concert hall in Berlin.


I visited the house a while back with clued up German friends who knew of it’s wonder, en route back from the Czech Republic to Berlin (having seen the cosmic space age Jested Tower – see my post on it).  We were captivated by the curves and corners, and also how it seemed to look like a different creation every time our vantage point was altered.


 It’s also deceptively large and the design allows a huge quantity of natural light to consume one side of the building.  The reflection of the house in the pond outside made it feel like an organic structure that really embraced it’s surroundings.  A serene and pretty zen place to experience.

More background on the building is here and there is also a fantastic opportunity to spend the night there.  Definitely worth a visit for Modernism fiends.

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