Katowice, Poland

Just got back from a (bumpy) roadtrip from Berlin to Katowice in Poland to attend the OFF festival.  Was inspired by this stylish gemoetric lady en route at a Polski service station…


The OFF festival was a really nicely curated event on an air field where you could lazily watch planes doing loop the loops above you by day then by night experience all manner of experimental musical wonders.  It was only £50 for 3 days too. And £1.20 a pint..

Some excellent sonic journeys were had via a heady amalgamation of Syrian wedding fever, industrial otherworldiness, African drumming sensation and psychedelic walls of sound courtesy of Omar Souleyman, Factory Floor, Konono No 1 and Emeralds

Also heard some great hazy ambient drone from Oneohtrix Point Never – playing with all sorts of synths and noises that were perfect for the late night 3am on the fringes of consciousness slot


Couldn’t face leaving Eastern Europe without smuggling back some kind of faded ephemera so when I spied a murky shop labelled ANTIK in Katowice town centre I scuttled in for a rummage and found this 1940’s beauty.


I really rate Poland, affable people who don’t mind giving you directions at 11pm when you’ve been lost in industrial wastelands for 3 hours and have started to attack your own steering wheel, and some cheap and lovely native vodka that comes in various handy pocket sizes.  A winner.

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