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Estonian Abstract Art

“Windmill” Kuno Veeber, 1918 Another post here about my travels in Estonia, following on from my earlier interview in Tallinn with Estonian painter Jüri Arrak.  Lots of my images were stuck on a defunct hard drive until now so now … Continue reading


1970s Cook Book – Lots of Fun to Cook

I found this wee artifact of 1970’s insanity in a junk shop in Victoria Park, Hackney in London, many moons ago now.  It reminded me of a similarly nutty retro cookbook I actually had as a kid, with all sorts … Continue reading

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1960s psychedelic bib

Love the nuts pattern design on this 1960s bib, especially the policeman with the gigantic hands. Found in the back of a van at a car boot (default answer when I can’t remember)

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Romanian puppet postcard

Love everything about this chap and what he’s up to, especially his hastily penned on facial hair.  Postcard found in Cluj Napoca, Romania probably dating back to the 1970’s / early 80’s

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Monkey postcard

Monkey chillaxing in a tree whilst possibly sporting corduroy on this postcard dating back to before the 1920’s, an era when such scenes were considered pretty normal. Find by my Dad, my chief oddball postcard finding contact

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1960’s Hungarian Dances record

 Lovely illustrations on this record cover from the 1960’s.  Found at an Essex car boot

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Christmas Greetings from 1905

Faintly unnerving Christmas cards from all the way back in 1905; coming well over a decade before the birth of Surrealism, yet undoubtedly some some kind of pre-cursor. There are a few more creepy scenes like this online too, this … Continue reading

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