1940’s Funghi Book covers

I came across this cheeky duo at the market I run recently and was so charmed by the bold, pop graphics and supreme colour scheme I had to manhandle a customer who’d already bought them and ask if I could grab a few pictures (albeit dreary iPhone ones that don’t do them justice)

 They were both printed in 1945, one of my favourite eras for lively and exciting surface design, but due to the psychedelic subject matter they somehow wouldn’t look out of place amongst the tripped out fabrics of the late 60’s / early 70’s.



 The colours on the cover above made me think of a palette that swelled in popularity across graphics, textiles and ceramics just a few years on in the 1950’s.  This handsome mid century ceramics set by German company Schlossberg used an almost identical colour scheme.



I would love an entire kaftan printed with these marvellous mushrooms, even if this would put me at risk of purchasing a bongo drum at a later date.

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